One Delta, One Science

‘One Delta, One Science’ refers to an open Delta science community that works together to build a common body of scientific knowledge. This open science community will have the capacity to adapt and inform future water, societal, and environmental decisions across multiple organizations and programs. One Delta, One Science will accelerate the discovery of facts and innovation within the open science community by exploring genuine differences in scientific opinion and addressing them in a transparent manner.

The vision of One Delta, One Science encourages collaboration and communication amongst Delta scientists, agencies, and stakeholders that may have independent scientific missions to fulfill. Furthermore, it supports strengthening the linkage between the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, San Francisco Bay, and connected science communities. An open science community that is well-connected with the policy and management community and other users of science has the capacity to inform decisions, adapt to change, and improve the existing science infrastructure.

The Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) lead scientist is housed within the Delta Stewardship Council (Council) and regularly works with the Delta Science Program to identify, track, and explain the status and needs of Bay-Delta science. Co-localizing the IEP lead scientist within the Council allows for stronger collaboration and communication between data collectors and data users while working towards the vision of One Delta, One Science.

Efforts to achieve this vision include joint research funding solicitations, data sharing, and other efforts and processes outlined in the Delta Science Strategy. The strategy is a three-part planning, implementing, and reporting strategy made up of the Delta Science Plan, the Science Action Agenda, and the State of Bay-Delta Science. These documents alone cannot achieve the vision of One Delta, One Science. Success depends upon the Delta science community’s ability to embrace and implement the science, mechanisms, and tools highlighted in these documents. The Delta Science Program is dedicated to building the capacity to achieve the vision of One Delta, One Science, come join us in the effort!