Delta Science Strategy

Led by the Delta Science Program, the Delta Science Strategy is a collaborative effort intended to guide and benefit the broad Delta community. The Delta Science Strategy is a three-part planning, implementation, and reporting strategy made up of the Delta Science Plan, the Science Action Agenda, and the State of Bay-Delta Science. This strategy establishes a foundation for One Delta, One Science - an open Delta science community that works together to build a common body of scientific knowledge.

Delta Science Plan

The Delta Science Plan is a shared guidance document intended to strengthen, organize, and communicate science to provide relevant, credible, and legitimate decision-support for policy and management actions. The Delta Science Plan proposes mechanisms that promote ways to conduct science in an open and transparent manner that supports the concept of One Delta, One Science. View the Delta Science Plan in PDF format.

Science Action Agenda

The Science Action Agenda is a four- to five-year science agenda for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that prioritizes and aligns science actions to inform management decisions, fills gaps in knowledge, promotes collaborative science, builds the science infrastructure, and achieves the objectives of the Delta Science Plan. View the 2022-2026 Science Action Agenda in PDF format.

State of Bay-Delta Science

At its core, the State of Bay-Delta Science is a collection of papers that represents a synthesis of the current scientific understanding of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Together the papers emphasize the progress made on key research questions during the past decade and identify remaining knowledge gaps. Visit the interactive web page at for an in-depth look into the materials and a summary for policymakers.