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The CALFED Bay-Delta Program, the predecessor of the Delta Stewardship Council, was a unique collaboration among 25 state and federal agencies that came together in 1995 to improve California's water supply and the ecological health of the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. In 2000, CALFED released a Record of Decision (ROD) that outlined a 30-year Plan to improve the Delta's ecosystem, water supply reliability, water quality and levee stability. The CALFED ROD remains in effect and, although many of the state, federal and local projects begun under CALFED continue, future direction likely will be coordinated through the Delta Stewardship Council and the Delta Plan.

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Draft End of Stage 1 Report

Draft CALFED Water Quality Program Stage 1 Final Assessment (9.64 MB)

Transmittal Memo - Clifford N. Dahm, Ph.D.
Water Quality Final Assessment and Peer Review

The State of Bay-Delta Science 2008
EIS/EIR: July 2000
Record of Decision